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Velocity Software Systems Ltd., is a private British Columbia company formed in 1996 based in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Velocity was formed for the purpose of offering software and hardware development services to the high technology industry. Velocity operates with a roster of independent consultants that are retained on a project by project basis. Together with other internal efficiencies Velocity offers its clients high quality design services on a very cost-effective basis.

Velocity's objective is to continue its profitable operations and grow by providing its services in a manner that improves the profitability of its customers. The Velocity development team can provide reliable and secure applications designed to its customers mission critical specifications: delivered on time and at competitive prices. Velocity has the software development expertise to create the best applications, tailored specifically to our customers needs.

Velocity provides software and hardware development expertise on a project by project basis. The company maintains a roster of highly skilled software and hardware professionals whom it contracts to fulfill specific needs of a particular project. This structure provides Velocity with a very broad base of expertise. Under this paradigm, Velocity itself provides the project management infra-structure along with technical and administrative control over the project and the contractors.

The technical direction is provided by Velocity itself through Mr. Leslie Mulder. Mr. Mulder is the principal of Velocity. His resume is included for reference in Principal's Resume.

A sample of the direct skills available from our contractors include:

Peter B.Sc.E.E.

  • Twenty+ years experience
  • Design Tools Altium DXP, Protel, ORCAD and PADS
  • Hardware Design for embedded systems based on x86, V25, V35, 78c10, PowerPC, 68HC11, 68K, MIPS32, ARM7, ARM 9 processors, XILINX and Alterra FPGAs and Analog Devices and TI DSPs 6711/12, 6411, 3XX
  • Low level software design using native assembly code.

Wes B.Sc. (Computer Science)

  • 15+ years experience
  • Operation Systems - Solaris,Sun OS, MSDOS, Windows (all flavours), Unix, Coherent, CMX, AMX, Ctask, Wind River
  • Compilers - Java, Visual Basic,Visual C++, Delphi, Watcom C/C++, Borland C/C++, Microsoft Basic Professional Development System 7.0, Turbo Pascal, Turbo Assembler, Microsoft MASM, JPI Modula 2, Clipper, Foxbase, Resource Compilers, Ladder Logic, etc.
  • Libraries - CodeBase, CScape, Windows SDK, OS/2 SDK, Sockets, several proprietary libraries for text windows, RS232 and TCP/IP, etc.

Zoran B.Sc.E.E. M.Sc.E.E.Candidate (Computer Science)

  • Seven years of experience as a computer engineer
  • experienced in commissioning and maintaining real-time control and Client/Server systems
  • Operation Systems - MS Windows NT Server and Workstation 4.0, MS Windows 95 and 98 Beta, MS Windows for Workgroups 3.11, OS/2 Warp, QEMM and MagnaRam
  • Visual Basic 3,4, 5, Microsoft Visual C/C++ 2, 4, 5, Borland C/C++ 3.1, 4, C Set++ 2, MS SQL Server6.5,MS Access 2, 7, MS SQL libraries in VB and C, US Data FactoryLink 4.3.2, 4.4,6 ECS, Power VB, Jet Engine, Crystal Reports, Taylor, Icom


  • 15+ years of experience
  • Operation Systems - Linux, MS Windows NT Server and Workstation 4.0, OS/2 Warp, DOS, AMX, CMX, eCos and RTXC
  • Microsoft Visual C/C++ 2, 4,5, Borland C/C++ 3.1, 4, Paradigm C++, C Set++ 2, MASM, TASM, IAR, GNU, Avocet
  • Hardware based on x86, PowerPC, 68HC11, 68HC12, MIPS32 processors


Recent projects:

Development of Evaluation System for the RMI Alchemy Au1000 processors. The project included:


  • RMI AU1000 (MIPS) processor
  • AMD Flash
  • Micron SDRAM
  • Crystal AC97 CODEC
  • Epson Video Controller
  • PCMCIA interface
  • Dual 10/100 Ethernet Interfaces
  • USB host and slave
  • Quad UARTS
  • I2C interface
  • eCos real time operating system with freeBSD TCPIP stack.




Development of Micro-Seismic/Strong Motion data aquisition system based around the RMI AU1XX0 processor line and the eCos real time operating system. The project included:


  • RMI AU1000 (MIPS) processor
  • Multiple TI (Burr Brown) ADS1255 AtoD Converters
  • eCos real time operating system with freeBSD TCPIP stack.



Terrascience Microseismic Acquisition (TMA) Unit - 24 bit 

Micro-Seismic/Strong Motion data aquisition system






Development of a Network Print Server around a Motorola PowerPC processor line.


  • Motorola 855 PowerPC processor
  • eCos real time operating system with freeBSD TCPIP stack.




Development of Embedded System for 3-dimensional Sound Generator based around the TI TMS320C6711 DSP and the TI AD77 CODEC. The project included:


  • TI TMS320C6711 DSP
  • Head Related Transfer functions (HRTFs)
  • Real time digital processing of analogue stereo input signal to render sound image point at any arbitrary location in space, including simulated echoes from a simulated enclosure.
  • The development system was based on the TI 6711eval board. A TI AD77 expansion module was designed and built specifically for this evaluation board. This board is available to the public for development purposes. Please feel free to contact us for details.
  • We have also produced a Microsoft Windows base demonstration program that provides a sample of what the engine is capable of doing. Please feel free to download the demo software 



Download Demo (zip file approximately 2.5 Mbytes)

Demo Installation Instructions and Overview

Head Related Transfer Function


Development of Embedded Power Spectrum Analyser for CDMA channels. The design included:


  • TMS320C6711 DSP
  • Real time proprietary 64k FFTs with 50 MHz input stream
  • Real time proprietary Power Spectrum generation 
  • SPI control and data communication
  • Microsoft Windows (MFC) display and control front end

Development of Embedded Sodeco Bill Accpetor Interface for Autelca B128 Ticket Vending Machines. The project saw the successful retrofit of the older B128 Ticket Vending Machines with the Sodeco the BNA52 Bill Validator.


  • Tern AE86-P x86 based micro-controller
  • Sodeco BNA52 Bill-Validator 
  • Autelca B128 Ticket Vending Machine
  • Specialised Interface components and firmware to allow older Autelca B128 TVM to interface to the Sodeco BNA52 Bill-Validator.
  • The process can be extended to include the more current BNA56 Bill Validator

Development of Embedded System for digital control of 850 MHz CDMA Repeaters.


  • Motorola 68HC11 based
  • SST Flash
  • Alterra FPGAs
  • Samsung Microcontrollers with USB
  • Digital control for power amplifiers, thermal overload, channel configuration, hot tone protection, etc.


Development of Embedded System for USB based voice recording CODEC


  • AMD186CC processor
  • AMD29LV800 Flash
  • OKI 9481 CODEC

Development of Embedded System for the SmartCard Cash Industry. The project designed an controller to mediate transactions using VISA cash cards and included:


  • AMD188ES Processor
  • AMD29F400 Flash
  • Other peripherals


Development of Real Time Clocks/Data Entry Terminals for the Time and Attendance Industry.


Development of Flash File system for an AMD188ES based system using AMD flash devices.


  • AMD188ES processor
  • AM29F0x0 series Flash memory devices


Development of the functional specifications for the Windows/95/NT based management suite for a line of Ticket Vending machines in the Parking industry.



Development of networked data acquisition devices for a Bar Code based Labour Tracking system


Development of a net workable 188 based core module and a suite of peripheral interface boards for the internals of a Ticket Vending Machine for the Transit Industry. The peripherals included:


  • Sedeco BNA52 Bill Validator swith Escrow units
  • Mars CashFlow Coin Acceptors with payout tubes
  • American Magnetics Card Readers
  • Boca Thermal Printers
  • Asahi Seiko Coin Hoppers
  • Tripp Universal Power Supply
  • EverSwitch Peizo Switches
  • Optrex LCD panels
  • Ceeco Keypads
  • Dallas temperature sensor
  • Serial EEPROM persistent memory
  • Buzzers, Alarms, Lights and other miscellaneous devices.

Contract Particulars

Contract Remuneration

Velocity works under the guidelines of fixed price contracts based on an initial understanding of the project and a formal agreement of the scope of the project after agreement on a functional specification. Velocity generally provides the client with an initial quotation for the work prior to the formalisation of the functional specification. It is understood that this quotation may vary once the functional specification has been agreed to. These variances could be the result of changes to the design, additions or deletions of functional requirements or changes in methodology as a result of the review of the functional requirements.


Velocity can provide a short but comprehensive non-disclosure agreement to our clients. The agreement provides bi-lateral protection for both our clients and Velocity from the publication of private or privileged information.

For the full text of the agreement please see Non-Disclosure

General Contract

Velocity uses a standard contract to cover major projects. The agreement provides bi-lateral covenants to protect both parties.

For the full text of the contract please see Contract

Quality Assurance

Velocity is committed to the four defining points of quality control:

  • The desire to formulate clear documented understanding of our clients needs, wants and goals;
  • The desire to understand and define Velocity's core competency's;
  • Adherence to methods of reporting that demonstrate that Velocity has control of its core competencies as it applies to our clients needs, wants and goals; and
  • A strong desire to improve and expand our core competencies along with methods to bring those changes about.

In all cases when Velocity commits to a project, we work with our clients to formulate a clear functional specification of the work to be done. The functional specification document forms the basis for all further work. In preparing the functional specification, the dialogue will illuminate the details of the process. The functional specification provides clear parameters for the design requirements, a basis to formulate a testing program and clear line of accountability. Velocity believes strongly in measurable results and endeavours to provide clearly definable parameters for its client's goals and its products.

Velocity continuously evaluates its methodologies in light of its current performance and goals. Its evaluations enable it to pinpoint areas that require upgrading and improvement. We strive to bring to bear the best tools for the task. These assessments provide our clients with continually improving levels of service and quality.

Principal's Resumes

Leslie Mulder






Velocity Software Systems Ltd.
438 North Springer Ave.
, B.C.
Canada V5B 1H4

Telephone (604) 291-8183 


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